3-D Mammography now available

Newest 3-D mammography technology now available at Waukesha Memorial Hospital known as Tomosynthesis.  This FDA approved technique takes images from multiple angles and allow the radiologist to view different angles on the computer screen to better see areas of increased density; this technique is best for fibrocystic breasts and may help decrease the need for additional views or for the repeat mammogram in 3-6 months.  Under the approval granted by the FDA, women undergoing 3-D mammography also will receive a traditional 2-D mammogram at the same time.  Cost is $236 for a traditional 2-D mammogram and an additional $100 for a 3-D mammogram; there is also an additional professional fee charged by the radiologist for interpretation so ask the cost of the professional fee for both procedures.  If this sounds pricey, realize that a breast MRI can be upwards of $600-$800 and this may not include the professional fee for interpretation so always ask about this hidden cost as well.

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