Bio-identical Hormones and Anti-aging

Exciting new information may link bio-identical hormones with the delay of onset, decreasing the incidence and even improving the course of age-related diseases including Alzheimers.  Alzheimer’s has a 2;1 female predominance in women to men and research shows increased risk demential in women with ovaries removed and a positive relationship between Alzheimers and low sex steroids after menopause.  However, this relationship is only demonstrated with physiologic or bio-identical hormone replacement.  Clinical trials demonstrate 17B estradiol improves cognitive performance in women with Alzheimer’s, in health postmenopausal women and that Testosterone improves cognitive performance in men witn Alzheimer’s.  Research also shows that a higher age at menopause increases a female’s post-reproductive lifespan with 2.4% reduced mortality per year increase in age of menarche or still menstruating.

Conclusion:  Bio-identical hormones can truly prolong quality and even quantity of life for both men and women

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