Fatigue helped by bio-identical Testosterone; no more naps

A 66yo male initially comes into the office with complaints of inability to stay awake more than 4-5hrs at a time without needing a nap.  Pt has been frustrated that he cannot do activities around the house or a 9hole of golf with his friends without needing a nap; feeling this may be something he has to live with but he’s not happy.   Bloodwork revealed a lower than age appropriate level of total and free Testosterone; replacement with bio-identical Testosterone capsules improved his levels to the point where he no longer needs his daytime nap and he can stay awake past 8PM at night!  This was a fairly gradual occurrence over a few months; so when he forgot his Testosterone caps for a few days, he noticed he was needing to nap again.  Restarting his Testosterone caps gave him back his ‘moxy’ and he’s back on the links and off of the couch.

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