Heavier longer bleeding; is this really menopause?

That ramp up into menopause; think it’s only related to lighter periods that space out and then stop?  Many women have exactly that type of slow ramping down of their cycles.  However, then there’ s the rest of us who can have heavier bleeding that just won’t quit, bleeding up to 2-3weeks, stopping for short time and then bleeding all over again!  In the past, women were just told to get a hysterectomy but today we can check hormone levels and rebalance where you are.  Sometimes we even find surprising imbalances like more male than female levels.  Estrogen dominance is the most prevalent imbalance causing this type of bleeding and can lead to polyp formation, abnormal lining inside the uterus and even uterine cancer.  Proper balance with bio-identical Progesterone can reset a normal bleeding pattern and put you back in control.  NAMS or North American Menopause Society has endorsed the use of perimenopausal hormone replacement for the first time in its 3/02/12 position paper; check the link on our website victoriajmondlochmdsc.com.

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