PMS, what is it really?

Ever wonder why so many women are given an anti-depressant when they tell their healthcare provider they have PMS?  I have; especially because these women don’t walk in and say ‘I’m depressed’, but they may walk in and say they have increased emotionality, increased moodiness and increased crying that all gets better with their period.  If it gets better, then why are these women put on anti-depressants  All the Time?  What these patients really are telling their providers is that for the 1-2weeks before their period, they feel differently; that perfectly coincides with the 2 weeks before their period when their body should be making Progesterone.  Checking bloodwork for Estradiol and Progesterone 1week before a period is due is the best way to determine if this is PMS or not; then if it’s not the hormone imbalance of PMS, which is low Progestesterone in relation to Estradiol, then other reasons for these symptoms can be looked into.  Instead, patients are too often labeled as depressed and prescribed anti-depressants.  As hormone imbalance can continue to cause GI tract bloating, slow transit time and contribute to headaches, getting this diagnosis right can help many other potential issues.  Not certain if this fits you?  It doesn’t take much to get your hormone levels checked; it’s bloodwork done 1week before your period; ask your doctor, or contact us, we’ll get it set up for you.

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