Hashimoto’s autoimmune thyroid dz and thyroid cancer

This spring there were 2 patients in my office, both with known thyroid dz that were struggling with fatigue, heart palpitations and various other symptoms that were not adequately being addressed.  Both patients had repeat thyroid panels including antibody levels for Hashimoto’s drawn and both had thyroid Ultrasounds performed.  Both patients had an irregular border on a thyroid nodule; both were biopsied and both returned as papillary thyroid cancer.  The good news is that thyroid cancer can be treated by surgical removal of the gland, radioactive iodine treatment vs chemotherapy or radiation and more than 95% of the time, that’s the only treatment needed; just thyroid medication to take once the thyroid gland is removed.   Both patients are now post-op and are in the treatment phase of their cancer with iodine treatment; both are back part-time to their daily routine. 

How do you know if you may have Hashimoto’s?  The only way to really know is to do the full thyroid panel including both thyroid antibody tests; it’s all done in the same bloodwork with only one poke in the arm but it can tell you alot of information that may otherwise be missed with a TSH screening test alone. 

Is an Iodine supplement right for you if you have thyroid disease?  It may not be best in all thyroid patients so check with your doctor.  If you are a candidate, there is an excellent compounded Iodine/Iodide supplement made right here in Waukesha so call us and we’ll connect you.

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