Thyroid disease in the Midwest

Ever wonder why there is so much hypothyroid disease in the Midwest?  Doctors are diagnosing a larger number of patients with low functioning thyroid and autoimmune thyroid illness with numbers similar to 50-70 years ago.  Why?  There are several possible reasons:  1) The Midwest has no natural iodine in our rain water as that rainwater is usually gone before it reaches that far inland.  2) We have all cut back on our table salt which was fortified with iodine.  3) Most available seafood in Midwest retail stores are farm grown, not ocean-fresh so are grown in fresh water, not salt water.  Help is here; there is now an available supplement for your thyroid that is a 50:50 blend of Iodine and K+ Iodide to keep your thyroid working well and may even decrease your dose of thyroid medication; some patients are even able to get off of their medication. 

Think you might be a candidate?  It’s truly smart to have a baseline thyroid evaluation by blood testing.  Even if you’re on thyroid medication, you may want to get an up to date thyroid panel to see if you may benefit from this new supplement.  Call to set up an evaluation and blood draw.

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