Migraine headaches

Headaches occur commonly and are associated with many causes. However, migraine headaches are a subset of headaches that can present as a classical migraine with a visual or auditory aura or as a non-classical migraine. A third type of migraine, commonly under-diagnosed is the menstrual migraine. The menstrual migraine will occur a few days to a week premenstrually and will resolve with the start of the menstrual bleed. Migraines are typically less responsive to over the counter pain medication and usually require prescription migraine medication. However, menstrual migraines are caused by an imbalance of female hormones and replacement with natural Progesterone can improve a menstrual migraine profile by 75% or greater.
The best way to determine if a migraine is due to hormone imbalance or not is to check female hormone levels one week before the cycle is due to start. Natural Progesterone replacement is an FDA approved option that is usually covered by most insurance plans; and rechecking a blood level for Progesterone during treatment helps determine the best dose needed for the headache symptoms that a patient experiences. The best way to see if your headaches are a menstrual migraine or not is to get your hormone levels checked at the right time of your cycle, then follow-up with us to determine the correct dose of Progesterone that will help. Take menstrual migraines out of your cycle forever.

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