Dear Pharmacist –

Attached is a flyer introducing 2 new books to help you work with your patients who have questions or are looking for more information about the safety and benefits of using bio-identical hormone replacement. 

Blossoming, Becoming a Woman is a daughter-mother guide to debunk the myths and put forward the truths about the significant hormone swings that happen to our teenage daughters. In an easy to read guide, the book walks adolescents and their mothers through the crazy and wonderful teenage years and helps them navigate those years in their best health, understanding what their hormones levels are and how they impact their physical and mental health.

Full Bloom, Perimenopause, Menopause, Postmenopause and Beyond is a book about the journey that every woman takes through the crazy hormone swings of our 40’s, through the sudden loss of our female hormones and all that that represents in our late 40’s to our 50’s, explaining the female body’s adjustments to continued loss of female hormone and how our body compensates for that loss through the decade of our 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Women of each of these decades have their own unique hormone deprivation symptoms that come to the forefront; many having health issues that ‘show up’ that are related to hormone loss that you and your healthcare provider may not be aware of or looking for.

Both books go into the science that supports what happens in our bodies and helps women understand the symptoms that they are experiencing. Both books then give real patient case studies and a section on how to talk to your healthcare provider, letting them know the blood tests that you would like to have done for those providers who may not be aware.

The QR code on the bottom of the flyer can be scanned by smart phones or tablets; it will take you to my office website which has a media section that will take you to Amazon for purchase of the books. Feel free to browse the rest of the website as I also list and archive the local radio and CUTV News blog internet radio shows that I do to help spread the word. You may wish to use the audio from these shows as a marketing tool in your teaching area of your pharmacy for additional information to share with patients.

Lastly, these books are meant to empower women to understand and to take charge of their own healthcare. Let’s start this meaningful conversation with our patients; every woman deserves to understand her body, how it works and the changes that happen to her so she can manage these hormonal changes. These books are also meant to empower pharmacists and others in the healthcare field by putting forth research based information for the health and safety of our patients, friends and family. Let me help you put the most important books that a woman needs to have in their hands!

Dr. Victoria J. Mondloch
office: 262-524-9116
fax: 262-754-494