Feeling 10 years younger, and it feels great!

M.O. is 57 yo female who arrived in office for help with her multiple menopausal symptoms.  Pt had been on Prempro initially, then stopped in 2005 with the Women’s Health Initiative information showing increased risk of breast cancer, heart disease and stroke on Prempro.  Pt seen by our office and with non-protective blood levels for bio-identical female hormone, was started on bio-identical HRT.  Following levels, she is feeling back to how she used to feel before she had any menopausal symptoms; ‘I feel like I’m back in my 40’s, I feel good!’

Interestingly, pt also had significant neck/back and ankle pain, being seen by Physical Therapists and not getting any relief.  Pt was sent for a PT 2nd opinion and during the 1st intake session, was diagnosed with several malalignment issues that have completely taken away her neck/back pain!  She was also told that the running she was doing to help was only hurting , who knew!   The patient is pleased with how well she feels; ‘this is how I used to feel and it’s been awhile since I could say that’.

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