Answers for fatigue and weight gain?

Many of us think that fatigue and weight gain are an inevitable part of aging as our body will naturally “slow down”. That is not a usual part of aging and should be investigated with your physician.

I recently saw a 29 year old gentleman who presented with these symptoms. In listening to his symptoms and talking about past visits with his doctor, it was clear his male hormone levels had not been checked. His Total and Free Testosterone levels returned at the levels of a 70 year old. Replacement with Testosterone back to normal levels gave him back his energy and he began losing weight, with the patient letting us know that there were positive effects in the first few days.

Lifestyle changes are also a regular part of our appointment and this patient left the office with a balanced dietary program in hand and a “jump start” to exercise with a personal trainer. His comment at the end of the appointment was “I’ve never had such a thorough doctor’s visit, I was ‘listened to’ and now I feel I’m getting the help I’ve been looking for”.

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